What Is Deed Preparation?

We offer services to cover everything required to create a deed, calculate any transfer taxes and record the deed.  This includes searching for the prior deed and confirming the correct parties and legal description to attach to the new deed.

Abstract One Deed Preparation

Why You Need Professional Help With Deed Preparation

A deed can be more involved than just the basics of the names of the parties to the transaction and a description of the property and a few other details. There are different types of deeds such as warranty or quit claim deeds. There are also state and local recording requirements for deeds in order for them to be recorded properly.

Don’t Risk Preparing Your Own Deed

Whether you are buying a house for you and your family, investing in a piece of real estate or purchasing commercial property to establish or expand your business, don’t let a problem or a mistake with the deed cause a disruption in the legal conveyance of title to the property. As a title insurance company, we know all aspects of deed preparation, and we’ll prepare yours quickly and accurately.  

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