Document Recording

Abstract One Document Recording

The Abstract One Difference

At Abstract One, we have the ability to e-record most documents ensuring speed and efficiency for our clients.  As with our other services, we’ll get document recording accomplished with fast turn-around time, and our 20 years of experience means there will be no errors in the process. We know that property transfers typically involve large amounts of money, and the public recording of the deed of sale and mortgage are important steps to be completed for you if you’re buying a home or issuing a mortgage to a buyer.

Are You a Home Buyer or Real Estate Investor?

If you are buying a home for your family or as an investment, the recording of the deed puts you in the property’s chain of title so it can be clearly seen that you purchased it from the previous rightful owner. This publicly establishes your claim to the property as its current rightful owner.

Are You a Mortgage Lender?

As a lender, the recording of the mortgage at the local recorder of deeds office establishes your mortgage as a lien against the property. At Abstract One, when our team records the deed for the buyer, we are also careful to record the mortgage to publicly protect your interest in the property as collateral for your loan.

We’re Here for You When You Need Us

Our experienced team at Abstract One is fully trained in those aspects of property transfers having to do with the issuance of title insurance, and this includes recording of important documents related to the sale. We are licensed to conduct such work in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Florida. Please contact us for all of your title insurance needs and these related steps that protect your transaction.

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