Notary Services

Because transfers of title to real property tend to be major transactions that involve a number of legal forms, it’s not surprising that the services of a notary will be needed at certain points in the transaction. A notary is licensed by the government to witness signatures on important forms involved in such transfers.
Abstract One Notary Services

The Importance of Notary Services

At Abstract One, we know you want to make sure you have all legal requirements met throughout the process of buying or selling property.  The identity of the parties to a transaction and the validity of their signatures on documents in the transaction are hard to contest if these documents have been properly notarized.

We offer mobile closings day, night or weekend at your location. All of our mobile notaries and signing agents are trained and experienced and go through a rigorous vetting process.

There for You When You Need Us!

You may be buying a house for your family or a plot of land for real estate development purposes. Perhaps you’re a mortgage lender looking out for all your legal interests while offering a mortgage to a customer. Whatever your situation, multiple documents may need to be notarized for your protection. When you work through us, you’ll know your closing will be handled professionally and promptly with our network of mobile closing agents.

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