What Is Title Insurance?

If you are refinancing or buying a home, title insurance can protect a lender or your claim to ownership of the property from any defects in its title.  Basic coverage protects against errors such as: someone claiming an ownership interest in your title, leases or contracts affecting your title, forgery in the chain of title, unmarketability of title and more.

Residential Title Insurance

The Importance of Title Insurance and Why Choose Us?

You need to know that the title to a parcel of real estate is accurate and free and clear of any liens or encumbrances. It protects the title from defects such as fraud, forgery or another person claiming an ownership interest in the property. At Abstract One, our title insurance agency has over 20 years of experience in this field and we can address and quickly clear title issues that may arise prior to closing.

Realtors, Mortgage Lenders and Developers

For you, real estate or financial products and services related to real estate are your business.     Our over 20 years experience will help you close your deals efficiently and correctly. We have closing thousands of real estate transactions over the years, so bring our experience to the table on your next deal.

What We Offer You

At Abstract One, our staff is licensed, trained and experienced. We offer rapid turn-around time from order to commitment, and we provide mobile closings, day or night, at any location throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Florida.  

Buying A Home for Your Family?

Home buying can be an exciting adventure. You are buying a place where you’ll be building memories for many years to come. Be sure they start out with pleasant memories by insuring yourself against any problems related to the title to your new dream home.  We can help you choose the right title policy for your home and will guide you along the closing process.

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