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Who We Serve

At Abstract One, we serve all those involved in the process of transferring or lending on real property.  This includes both residential and commercial customers. The sale of real property and the transfer of its title is a major transaction to most buyers and sellers, and you need to make sure you are protected against any defects in the title and that all the paperwork and closing is completed correctly. We have 20 years experience in the title insurance industry, and our staff are trained and licensed to issue title insurance in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Florida.  


You need to devote your attention to listing and advertising homes for sale and showing homes to prospective buyers. When you finally make a sale, you want the details of deed preparation, transfer of title and title insurance process to go quickly and smoothly. We provide your clients with a pleasant environment and closing experience.

Mortgage Lenders

You already lower your risk on a given mortgage by checking the credit and other factors of a potential home buyer before giving them a mortgage. We help by covering any risks that come from any defects in the title to the property that you’re using as collateral for your mortgage. We offer you fast turn-around time from order to commitment, and you can be sure our experienced and trained staff will handle all the paperwork accurately.

Real Estate Developers

You are in real estate as a professional, so you can appreciate other professionals who offer a critical service you need.  At Abstract One, we take all the steps, including property title searches, deed preparation and title insurance, to protect you against such claims on your property.  We have handled numerous commercial transactions over the years, so our team of professionals have the knowledge to handle most title issues with ease. All files are overseen by an in-house attorney who is available at all times to assist in your closing.


If you’re looking to buy a home for your family or as an investment, our title agency offers a critical step in the process that will give you peace of mind.  We can help walk you through the process of settlement and can advise as to the best policy to suit your needs. Most consumers are not aware that there are different policies of insurance and endorsements available to them.  We take pride in explaining this to our customers, so call us today for any questions you have.

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