Why Choose Abstract One
Why Choose Abstract One

You Need a Professional Title Agency

Defects in titles can occur in the form of errors in public records, unknown liens, missing heirs, undiscovered encumbrances or an undiscovered will. Whether you’re a real estate professional or refinancing or buying a home for your family, you want to know that when you buy property or refinance a loan, that you’re covered by title insurance if any claims arise.

We are experienced in both residential and commercial real estate transactions so we can handle any type of transaction you need assistance with.

We are here to help so call us with questions about title insurance and the different types of policies we offer.

The Abstract One Difference!

We were founded by an attorney and title agent with over 20 years of experience. We have the knowledge and training to thoroughly conduct property searches and clear important title issues quickly.  Our team of professionals will provide you with rapid turn-around time from order to commitment, and we’re there when you need us for any questions or problems along the way. We also offer mobile closings done during the day or at night, at the location of your choice.

Call us today for more information for our services at 877-741-7713.